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CALL UK: 0208 1331245 USA/CA +1-310-598-2065
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Pulsar APX Smoker Black

Pulsar APX Smoker Black

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The APX Smoker from Pulsar Vaporizers hits like a standard glass pipe - except without a lighter- just the push of a button! No more flames or butane taste! The Smoker's incredible 7-second heat time (reaching 950 - 1094 degrees F) comes from its powerful 1100 mAh battery and self-cleaning ceramic power pad heating element. Once heated, this palm-sized combustion pipe will deliver on-demand hits, again and again, at the push of a button.

8.5cm palm-sized dry herb combustion unit vaporiser.

Kit includes: 
Micro USB cable, Vape tool, Cleaning brush
7 second heat time 500°C +, Powerful 1100 mAh battery
Self cleaning ceramic power, Pad heating element
1.5hr use time, 1.5hr charge time, 5 minute auto turn off
Hand-blown glass mouthpiece, Replaceable quartz
lined atomiser, Heat indicator, Battery power indicator