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Vie Vapouriser kit - Red
Vie Vapouriser

Vie Vapouriser kit - Red

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A vaporizer for herbal enthusiasts who value convenience.

VIE is the Denver-born, portable vaporizer that provides superior flavour with every hit. Patented, easy-loading pod system and accurate temperature control that heat the herb evenly, keeping the vapour smooth and the oven clean.

The easy-loading, disposable pods system offers supreme convenience, portability, and discreetness. Simply pre-load your capsules for a day or night out and never have to worry about drawing unwanted attention in public.

With four temperature settings and three modes, you’re able to go from mellow to full flavour with the click of a button!

Can be used with or without a capsule, comes with 3 dry herb capsules & 1 extract capsule included.

Temperature Flexibility

Three different heating profiles and a standby mode. Vie features the individual adjustable temperature levels which are at 170, 200, 220 and 250°C, or 338, 392, 428 and 482°F.


With the small size, the Vie can go with you practically anywhere. It’s not hard to enjoy this device in public as it conceals nicely in the hand.

    Advanced heating technology for consistent heat control and pure flavours
    Use for herbs or concentrates (liquid or wax)
    Four temperature controls
    Built to withstand impacts during normal usage
    Capsule system provides no hassles, reload on the go
    Each herb capsule holds 0.3 grams
    200 vape puffs per charge
    Vaporizer heats in 1 minute

Starter Kit Inlcudes:

    1x VIE Vaporiser
    3x Herb Capsules
    1x Concentrate Capsule
    1x Stainless Steel Carrying Tube
    1x 30cm/12inch Micro USB Cable
    1x Cleaning Kit & Parts
    4x Stainless Steel Screens
    1x Large Pick Tool
    1x Portable Pick Tool
    1x Herb Auto-Packing Spring
    1x Quick Start Guide
    1x Advanced User Manual
    1x Gift Box

Also available in other colours