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CRAFTY Vapouriser Complete Set

CRAFTY Vapouriser Complete Set

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Mighty Vapouriser Complete Set

The Mighty. Well established as the undisputed champion of handheld vaporisers; This unit continues to dominate the others with its consistent vapor quality, long lasting battery and its simple robust design.

The Mighty has a dual Lithium-Ion battery giving a much longer battery life than most handheld units. The Mighty can also be used when the unit is plugged into the mains and on charge.

The Mighty is the one of the smallest vaporiser's in the Volcano range

The Mighty is The Crafty's big brother, measuring at 14x8x3cm The Mighty is the one of the smallest vaporiser's in the Volcano range and it is definitely portable.

With "+" and "-" keys and an LED screen, operating The Mighty couldn't be much easier. A short double vibration tells you the unit has reached the temperature that you set. The temperature can be adjusted easily and gradually during vaporisation via these controls, to get the absolute most out of your blend – start low and increase incrementally to extract every bit of vapour available.

Just like its little bro; The Crafty, The Mighty comes with a branded Volcano Grinder and a filling tool which clip into place instead of the cooling unit, giving a clean, even fill every time. When the cooling unit is re-attached for operation it ensures that the vapour cools down and gives the best flavour and rich aroma.

  • 1x Mighty Vaporizer

  • 1x Volcano Grinder

  • 1x Filling Aid

  • 1x Set of Spare O Rings

  • 1x User Manual

  • 1x Power Adapter

  • 1x Liquid Pad

  • 1x Cleaning Brush

  • 3x Spares Screens

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