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CALL UK: 0208 1331245 USA/CA +1-310-598-2065
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Wolf X1 3-Part Sifting Box (10cm x 10cm x 5cm)

Wolf X1 3-Part Sifting Box (10cm x 10cm x 5cm)

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Wolf Productions are the designers of ‘The Original Roll Tray’ and Hemp Rolling Kits. The Original Roll Tray is a trusted brand with a growing and loyal customer base.
We take a real pride in the simplicity yet detail of every one of our designs, in the materials we use and in the finish we deliver. We hope you enjoy them.
An extensive range of both new and refined designs. This range are quality crafted Roll Trays made from premium aspen wood. Each model has a paper dispenser, a magnetised Wolf designed Rolling-V (for resting papers) and comparments for tobacco and smoking accessories
Deluxe rolling trays work on the same principals as the original wolf rolling trays, however in the new range they have managed to improve the designs where neccessary, ironed out any imperfection and brought them to you in a beautiful hardwood. The solution to all your rolling needs just got better. Gone are the days of struggling away, hunched over a crease in your trousers. Its unique pouring V is the perfect rest for your papers, while the attractive wooden box stores all the essentials in a clever and innovative way.

Original Wolf  X1 3 Part Sifter Box Small

All NEW rolling box from Wolf and part of a huge new range of Wolf boxes changing the way they do things!Part of the great new range from wolf (which also fit in the T5 rolling box) this small 10cm x 10cm x 5cm 3 part box is practical as well as being sneaky and portable.

These are 3 part boxes consisting of:

Lid - with a papers holder. Lid is reversible and rests on base to make rolling area.

Middle - storage/sifting area with 100 micron silk mesh floor.

Base - collection plate.