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CALL UK: 0208 1331245 USA/CA +1-310-598-2065
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RED Headcase Stash Pot small (42mm)
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RED Headcase Stash Pot small (42mm)

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For people who need Extreme Quality, the Aluminium Headcase is the ultimate stashbox,

    Comes in Small (42mm dia)
    Colour – Red.
    Super precision Aluminium finish
    Manufactured by the famous Budbomb
    Premium Stash Pot
    Free Shipping

The stylish Head-Case tin is the best storage method there is for your tobacco, or other ‘smoking materials’. Airtight and watertight, the Head-Case protects the contents against the elements, keeping it as fresh as the day you bought it.

This tin is not only stylish, but also very discreet. Unlike old-fashioned tobacco tins, the exterior gives no clue to the contents.

Super precision Aluminium finish.