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CALL UK: 0208 1331245 USA/CA +1-310-598-2065
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Aleda Kingsize Extra Slim Papers
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Aleda Kingsize Extra Slim Papers

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You can't be accused of having no taste when using aLeda Brazilian made papers (even though they're flavorless). The 100% cellulose content permits slower burning so you can sit back and enjoy at your leisure.
Ever rolled up then wondered what it looks like inside? aLeda King Size papers are not only the glass-bottomed boat of the smoking world, they are non-plastic, biodegradable and entirely odorless. This means that the flavor of your smoke will not be compromised in any way.
Aleda Transparent Cigarette Papers are 109mm - 34mm, Kingsize.
40 leaves per booklet.
High Transparency (95%)
100% natural cellulose and 100% biodegradable.
No bad taste. No chemicals. No glue.
Aleda Transparent Cigarette Papers - made in Brazil.